Shortly : You are welcome on the official page of Malše river serie, it contains twenty seven caches. Some of them are owned by other than me but if you have some difficulties with listing,hint don´t be shy to write me.

If you had hunt some of the old caches in serie before, let write me an email to receive the letter with number.

Here you can see a list of complete Malše serie caches. Don´t forget to use some practical hints on this page – for example excel file with a list of caches, you fill in numbers from cache easily. If you click on GC code on this page you will be redirected on cache page on gc.com.

GC code type of cache name of cache owner letter for final box
GC1M7JQ traditional Cetviny – Mayrspindt silfax A = ?
GC1HR6E traditional Svatý Kámen silfax B = ?
GC18AE7 traditional Hrad Louzek Pulec.hajny & Koloušek &
& Budwaro
C= ?
GC1HR6Q traditional Kaple Na Papírne silfax D = ?
GCX72Y traditional Reka snu yo.lukas E = ?
GC1HR6R traditional Rímov – most silfax F = ?
GC195XV traditional Hrad Velešín Pe_Bo G = ?
GCYXJD traditional Rímovská prehrada emitom H = ?
GC1HR70 traditional Pašinovice silfax CH = ?
GC1CH64 traditional RECHLE Altony I = ?
GC1NA5F traditional Ruden Pichlíci & Bonifác
J = ?
GC1EWBQ traditional Pramen / Spring silfax K = 0
GC1PMWP traditional Mlýnský
silfax L = ?
GC1M7K7 traditional Malše – The END silfax M = 3
GC1M85F traditional Pohorský rybník silfax N = ?
GC1NJN4 traditional Tichá Cernata O = ?
GC1HR74 traditional Preslickový rybník silfax P = ?
GC1F032 traditional Malý jez archived Q = 165
GC1M7K2 traditional Vodní nádrž Sobenov silfax R = ?
GC1M7K6 traditional Hojnovodský prales silfax S = ?
GC1M7K9 traditional Vodní
nádrž Humenice
silfax T = ?
GC1HR76 traditional Tomkuv mlýn silfax U = ?
GC1F03B traditional Brouskuv mlýn archived V = 10
GC1HR7A traditional Uhlištský
silfax W = ?
GC1HR7C traditional Ostrolovský Újezd –
silfax X = ?
GC1EZ9D multi Želízkuv mlýn silfax Y = ?
GC1HR7E traditional Vodní
nádrž Kvetonov
silfax Z = ?
GC1H1GA mystery Malše série – finálka archived archived
GC1NH7M mystery Malše – finálka (ex-BONUS) silfax N ? E ?

How to count final coordinations?

D + L° N – G – Z + V – 4. (A + B + … + X) + 25
K(C+M)° W – Y – P – O – J – A + L. (A + B + … + X) – D – A -238

For verifying cords click : 

Click to verify coordinates

Attention :

If upwards isn´t between letters mathematical sign, you should only fill in the number.

Practical hint :

I prepared for you xls file (easily open by MS Excel, OpenOffice etc.), file contains a list of caches in serie with coordinations, translated hints into english. In special column you fill in a number from cache and after filling 27 numbers (some of them can be similiar) program will write you final coordinations. Download file HERE .